The Fake Prince

Synott John

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Ariki Will Summers is an FPP – Fantasy Prone Personality – who believes that he is a Tahitian Prince. Employed as a Queensland public servant, he steals project funds and lives his dream of a celebrity lifestyle. Ariki splurges on shopping, casinos and generous gifts; and experience a Royal Wedding, the Brisbane Floods, and much more.

After getting involved with Maureen Tamar, an environmental journalist, Ariki wakes up to greater needs than his own. He is inspired to commit the biggest public-service fraud in the state’s history and donate the money to save the Earth for future generations. The Fake Prince tackles issues of identity, consumerism and bureaucracy and asks: “ Is it justifiable to steal from the state to promote worthy causes?”

The Fake Prince is a 21st Century fable from Australia’s New World City – Brisbane  ̶  that will keep you smiling and even chuckling as you follow Ariki’s journey from ignorance to insight, from egotism to altruism,  and a whole lot of love.

“Through the tale of his charming hero, John Synott explores the nature of crime, celebrity and restitution.” Irina Dunn, Director, Australian Writers’ Network.

ISBN: 9780648383802