The Faces

Tove Ditlevsen

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New to Penguin Modern Classics- a searing novel from Tove Ditlevsen, author of the wildly acclaimed Copenhagen Trilogy

Copenhagen, 1968. Lise, a children's book writer and married mother of three, is becoming increasingly haunted by disembodied faces and taunting voices. Convinced that her housekeeper and husband are plotting against her, she descends into a terrifying world of sickness, pills and institutionalization. But is sanity in fact a kind of sickness? And might mental illness itself lead to enlightenment?

Brief, intense and haunting, Ditlevsen's novel recreates the experience of madness from the inside, with all the vividness of lived experience.

ISBN: 9780241391914
Publication Date: 26-Jan-2021
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited