The Doctor Who Fooled the World

Brian Deer

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A reporter uncovers the secrets behind the scientific scam of the century.

The news breaks first as a tale of fear and pity. Doctors at a London hospital claim a link between autism and a vaccine given to millions of children- MMR. Young parents are terrified. Immunisation rates slump. And as a worldwide 'anti-vax' movement kicks off, old diseases return to sicken and kill.

But a veteran reporter isn't so sure, and sets out on an epic investigation. Battling establishment cover-ups, smear campaigns, and gagging lawsuits, he exposes rigged research and secret schemes, the heartbreaking plight of families struggling with disability, and the scientific deception of our time.

'As a paediatrician, I've witnessed with fury the impact that Andrew Wakefield's fraudulent science has had on the health of children. This brilliantly written book is a must read.'
-Dr Su Laurent, author of Your Baby Month By Month

'A magnificent book. Too few people know how greed and deceit conspired to create the myth that vaccines cause autism. Only Brian Deer can tell that whole story, because he uncovered all of its chilling twists and turns.'
-Dr Ivan Oransky, president of the Association of Health Care Journalists, and co-founder of Retraction Watch

'A compelling reminder of what great investigative journalism looks like.'
-Kathleen Hall Jamieson, PhD, author of Cyberwar, and director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center

ISBN: 9781925713688
Publication Date: 01-Sep-2020
Publisher: Scribe Publications