The Dizzying Heights

Fitzgerald Ross ; McFadyen Ian

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In this 7th book of the highly acclaimed Grafton Everest Series, our indolent hero, Professor Dr Everest (former lecturer in Lifestyles and Wellbeing at the University of Mangoland) is surprised to find himself President of the newly minted Republic of Australia. Luckily he manages to avoid any actual work or duties, save heading the newly created Department of Wellbeing, and leaves on a goodwill tour of the US.Here, he is courted by both Democrats and Republicans as a possible US Presidential candidate. After further discoveries, including a secret society of retired spies and bionic clones, he returns to Australia to find that the Department of Wellbeing has become a ruthless dictatorship that has brought the nation to a stop. It is now up to Professor Dr Everest to save the country

ISBN: 9781925736304
Publication Date: 24-Oct-2019
Publisher: Hybrid Publishers