The Crying Forest

Venero Armanno

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It's the mid-1970s and when young L a Munro moves into a big country house in Australia after moving from Hong Kong with her father Paul, things start to happen that make her question who she is and what she might really be. The old house has ghosts; her father Paul has a past that links him to both this rural hideaway and the ancient Italian witch named Adelina Rosso who once held sway over a huge farming community.

L a starts to understand things about herself that she could never have imagined: she can see things that others can't, she can travel in the spirit realm, she has power. The enormity of that power lets Adelina Rosso know that somewhere close by, finally, is the one person who can restore Adelina's youth and energy and raise her beloved husband Giancarlo back to life.

Onto the scene comes the wealthy criminal Karl Haberman, himself wracked by terminal illness. Adelina Rosso and Karl Haberman join forces in a desperate search to find young L a. The terrible ceremony Adelina has planned will save them all, but can L a find the strength and courage to conquer an evil so ancient it reaches back to Italian folklore?

ISBN: 9781925956559
Publication Date: 02-Nov-2021
Publisher: IFWG Publishing