'If you have never read Cosmicomics, you have before you the most joyful reading experience of your life' Salman Rushdie The Cosmicomics tell the story of the history of the universe, from the big bang, through millennia and across galaxies. It is witnessed through the eyes of 'cosmic know-it-all' Qfwfq, an exuberant, chameleon-like figure, who takes the shape of a dinosaur, a mollusc, a steamer captain and a moon milk gatherer, among others. This is the first complete edition in English of Italo Calvino's funny, whimsical and delightful stories, which blend scientific fact, flights of fancy, parody and wordplay to show the strangeness and the wonders of the world. 'The complete and definitive collection ...... a masterpiece' Gilbert Adair, Evening Standard 'Dazzling ...... a book of revelation' Tim Adams, Observer

ISBN: 9780544577879
Publication Date: 08-Sep-2015
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Trade & Reference Publishers