The Cabinet of Calm

Paul Anthony Jones

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Do you ever find yourself suffering from mal-de-sicle (n.) (a world-weariness brought on by the current state of affairs)? Do you simply want to snerdle (v.) (to wrap up cozily in bed) or hide away in your growlery (n.) (a place you like to retreat to when you're in a bad mood)?
Sometimes the language of kindness is what's required to put things right. Open The Cabinet of Calm to find a soothing word that's equal to your troubles.
Beginning with names for the upsets or discomforts we feel on difficult days, Paul Anthony Jones offers a matching linguistic balm: warm and wise words - and their definitions - for the things that brighten our days.
Written with a trademark lightness of touch, The Cabinet of Calm reassures you that you're not alone, whatever your mood, allowing you to keep hold of your agathism (n.) (the belief that all things get better, even though the means of getting there might not be easy).
So much more than a book of words, The Cabinet of Calm will soothe your soul and ease your mind.

ISBN: 9781783964703
Publication Date: 01-May-2020
Publisher: Elliott & Thompson, Limited