The Book of Bushido

Antony Cummins

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The Book of Bushido explodes the myth of the famous but widely misunderstood samurai code of honour. Drawing on historical texts created by the samurai themselves, it is the most detailed investigation ever attempted into the truth of so-called samurai chivalry - a must-have for anyone with an interest in martial arts, Japanese history or the realities of human behaviour in medieval times. This book offers a long-overdue update to the attractive but one-sided portrait of the samurai painted in Bushido: The Soul of Japan, which has been a bestseller ever since its publication in 1905. Antony Cummins replaces the image of the noble eastern warrior with the much more interesting reality of tough, bloodstained military leaders with human failings and complex ideas about the world, who engaged in ritual, magic and ceremony, who led their followers in war and peace and who, above all, were fighting a battle between morality and addiction to power. Book jacket.

ISBN: 9781786786050
Publication Date: 08-Feb-2022
Publisher: Watkins Media Limited