The Best Australian Science Writing 2020

Sara Phillips (Editor)

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The annual collection - now in its tenth year - celebrating the finest voices in Australian science writing.

Can fish feel pain? Does it matter if a dingo is different from adog? Is there life in a glob of subterranean snot? Science tackles someunexpected questions. At a time when the world is buffeted by the effects of apandemic, climate change and accelerating technology, the fruits of scientificlabour and enquiry have never been more in demand. Who better to navigate usthrough these unprecedented days than Australia's best science writers?

Now in its tenth year, this much-lovedanthology selects the most riveting, poignant and entertaining science storiesand essays from Australian writers, poets and scientists. In their expert handssuch ordinary objects as milk and sticky tape become imbued with new meaning,while the furthest reaches of our universe are made more familiar andcomprehensible.

With a foreword from Nobel laureate andimmunologist Peter C Doherty, this collection brings fresh perspective to theworld you thought you knew.

ISBN: 9781742236841
Publication Date: 01-Dec-2020
Publisher: NewSouth Publishing