The Best Australian Science Writing 2019

Bianca Nogrady (Editor); Lisa Harvey-Smith (Foreword by)

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Good science writing makes us delight in the discovery of a black hole munching on a star, laugh at the image of aliens puzzling over golf balls on the Moon, wonder at the mystery of the Spanish influenza's deadly rampage, grieve for baby shearwater chicks dying with plastic-filled stomachs, rage at the loss of the Great Barrier Reef, and cheer for the clitoris' long-overdue scientific debut. This ninth edition of The Best Australian Science Writing showcases the most powerful, insightful, and brilliant essays and poetry from Australian writers and scientists. It roams the length and breadth of science, revealing how a ceramic artist is helping to save the handfish, what is so dangerous about the hype around artificial intelligence, and whether too much exercise is bad for the heart. It makes us think, feel, and hopefully act.

ISBN: 9781742236407
Publication Date: 01-Nov-2019
Publisher: NewSouth Publishing