The Art of the Good Life

Rolf Dobelli

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What if you could come up with a toolkit for practical living, comprised of the best ideas from the smartest people in the world about how to live a happier, more engaged life? Rolf Dobelli-businessman, founder of the TED-style ideas conference WORLD.MINDS, bestselling author, and all-around adventure seeker-is obsessed with the idea that the good life can be hacked, if only we have the right tools and advice to do so. He's synthesized the latest science on happiness and the most practical ideas from ancient Greek wisdom to find, the best methods of attaining true satisfaction in The Art of the Good Life, his follow-up to the international bestseller The Art of Thinking Clearly. This book is a toolkit designed for practical living. In The Art of the Good Life you'll find fifty-two guidelines-from mastering the "5-second no" to wielding ignorance as an asset-that are aimed to optimize your well-being. These tips may not guarantee you a "good life," but they'll give you a better chance at living your best life. Book jacket.

ISBN: 9781473667525
Publication Date: 12-Jul-2018
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton