The Anti Expert's Guide to Everything - Second Edition: Chaser Quarterly 19

The Chaser

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The Anti-Expert's Guide to Everything is about taking back control for the everyman. Whether it's Medicine, Biology, Astrophysics, Climate Science or Nutrition, the Chaser looks at what the anti-experts say, and gives them a platform that until now has been dominated by "so-called academics" with their "degrees". Includes a bonus reinterpretation of politics, law and history based on gut instinct rather than knowledge, The Anti-Expert's Guide to Everything is the perfect antidote to evidence-based decision making. Includes a bonus tear-out Doctorate of Science testamur from the Chaser Academy for you to fill in and hang on your wall!

ISBN: 9781760642372
Publication Date: 01-Mar-2020
Publisher: Schwartz Publishing Pty, Limited