The Absolute Book

Elizabeth Knox

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It's been nearly 20 years since an epic, visionary contemporary fantasy captivated millions of readers - the wait is over

Taryn Cornick believes her sister Bea was deliberately run down, and killed. She believes it so hard she allows a man called the Muleskinner to exact the justice Bea was denied. An eye for an eye.

Which is when Taryn's problems really begin.

Because the police suspect Taryn's involvement in the driver's death.

Worse, others have their eyes on Taryn - those in a faraway place who know what Taryn's family have been carefully hiding in their vast library. The Absolute Book. They want it - and they want Taryn to help find it.

For the lives of those in more than one world depend upon it . . .

ISBN: 9780241473931
Publication Date: 01-Feb-2021
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited