Tell Me about the Last Time You Had Sex

Ian Kerner

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A renowned sex therapist shares the program he has used to help thousands of couples achieve greater intimacy.

Think about the last time you had sex. Who initiated it? When and where did it happen? What was off-limits and why? In the end, did the sex leave you motivated to have more?

Over the years, internationally recognised sex therapist and author of She Comes First, Ian Kerner, has perfected the art of the 'sex script analysis' -- a way of looking at your sex life in action, moment by moment. In those details, an entire world is revealed. When the script works, we drop down into arousal and lose ourselves in pleasure. But when the script fails, it's all we can do not to ruminate over the details.

In this book, Kerner shows you how to conceptualise and create a sex life that works for you. He helps you figure out what's working, what's not, where you might be missing some elements, and how to construct a sex script that is mutually satisfying. He also discusses many common sexual problems -- such as low desire, mismatched libido, and erectile unpredictability -- that may be interfering with your sex life.

Combining clinical insights, the latest sexual science and research, case studies, homework assignments, and more, this is a book that does more than just talk about sex; it will improve your life.

ISBN: 9781922310804
Publication Date: 01-Jun-2021
Publisher: Scribe Publications