Super Snacks

Katherine Trapp; Liz Richards

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Super Snacks is the newest snack bible!
Featuring a fantastic mix of delicious Gluten free, dairy free, nut free recipes that are refined free and ready to fuel simply with wholesome ingredients.
These two active mums who, as Simple Nourishment, focus on making healthy snacking achievable. Super Snacks isn't dieting and it's not whats on trend, it is just that - simple nourishment. Beautifully photographed images of a hybrid of raw snacks with baked goodies as well.
124 page beautifully photographed cookbook boasting over 56 nourishing, delicious and simple snack recipes.
* Snack specific - no meals just loads of healthy snack dedication all in the one book!
* Recipes are: Nutrient dense & Allergy conscious
* Recipes are: baked and unbaked
* Super Snacks the cookbook is about inclusiveness of all those on a HEALTH journey regardless of the stage in which
the consumer is at.(not limiting)
* Super Snack focuses on wholesome goodness and not what is on trend - every day achievable in the simplicity of
process & sourcing of ingredients
* Majority of ingredients can be sourced wholly from a health food store - easy to source products.
* Pantry list included to assist in the start up process of baking & making healthy snacks
* Our allergy consciousness acknowledges GF, DF, Egg Free, Nut free options and all refined-less!!
* Website includes free e-book, a mid sized e-book which we could include as a bundle or other if required with a code
* Story - 2 likeminded friends follow passion for food and activeness in a open community. 1 is a pastry chef who has gone
off the grid due to allergies.

ISBN: 9780994389107
Publication Date: 01-Aug-2015
Publisher: Simple Nourishment