Strange Blasphemy

Anson Cameron

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At a surf campus, a weekend of cultural exchange begins, during which a group of less-advantaged boys from Dallas Islamic Academy are taught to surf by boys from Yarraside Grammar, an elite private school. A sexual encounter takes place on the beach between Seb, a rich kid from the Grammar, and Fariad, a Muslim Afghan refugee from the Academy. Little does anyone know that this encounter has been unwittingly recorded by a drone, sent up by one of the Grammar schoolkids to watch the antics of the surfers.

What then ensues no one can predict. Sides are taken. Threats are made. Seb's and Fariad's families and communities are involved. In not giving his side of the story, Seb enters a living nightmare, where, in his attempts to protect Fariad, and defuse the situation, he unleashes a storm of hatred, suspicion, lies, deceit ... and ultimately murder.

ISBN: 9780143795674
Publication Date: 18-Jun-2019
Publisher: Random House Australia