Krissy Kneen

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I force myself to take the phone away from my ear and search for the last incoming call. I store the number under one word, 'sister'. I know I should have used her name but it is all I can think of in this moment. Sister. My sister just called me and I spoke to her. I imagine the words as if they were written in a book: Twenty-three years later my sister called.

Bec Reich is recovering from surgery when Emily calls, so naturally she thinks she is hallucinating. Emily, famous worldwide for her paintings, and also for her schizophrenia, lives in Beijing. But that's not why she hasn't spoken to Bec for so many years. And now she wants Bec to come to China for the opening of her new show.

Which would mean revisiting the sinister games and shared delusions of their strange, locked-in childhood. It would mean a risk of hurt; even damage. Or worse.

ISBN: 9781922079879
Publication Date: 20-Mar-2013
Publisher: Text Publishing Company