The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke

C. J. Dennis; Jack Thompson (Introduction by)

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Excerpt: ... an' fetches me a kick. "Your turn to chin " 'e tips wiv a shout. An' there I'm standin' like a gawky lout. (Aw, spare me But I seemed to be ALL 'ands ) An' wonders wot 'e's goin' crook about, Wiv 'arf a mind to crack 'im where 'e stands. O, lumme But ole Ginger was a trick Got up regardless fer the solim rite. ('E 'awks the bunnies when 'e toils, does Mick) An' twice I saw 'im feelin' fer a light To start a fag; an' trembles lest'e might, Thro' force o' habit like. 'E's nervis too; That's plain, fer orl 'is air o' bluff an' skite; An' jist as keen as me to see it thro'. But, 'struth, the wimmin 'Ow they love this frill Fer Auntie Liz, an' Mar, o' course, wus there; An' Mar's two uncles' wives, an' Cousin Lil, An' 'arf a dozen more to grin and stare. I couldn't make me 'ands fit anywhere I felt like I wus up afore the Beak But my Doreen she never turns a 'air, Nor misses once when it's 'er turn to speak. Ar, strike No more swell marridges fer me It seems a blinded year afore 'e's done. We could 'a' fixed it in the registree Twice over 'fore this cove 'ad 'arf begun. I s'pose the wimmin git some sorter fun Wiv all this guyver, an' 'is nibs's shirt. But, seems to me, it takes the bloomin' bun, This stylish splicin' uv a bloke an' skirt. "To-be-yer-weddid-wife-" Aw, take a pull Wot in the 'ell's 'e think I come there for? An' so 'e drawls an' drones until I'm full, An' wants to do a duck clean out the door. An' yet, fer orl 'is 'igh-falutin' jor, Ole Snowy wus a reel good-meanin' bloke. If 'twasn't fer the 'oly look 'e wore Yeh'd think 'e piled it on jist fer a joke. An', when at last 'e shuts 'is little book, I 'eaves a sigh that nearly bust me vest. But 'Eavens Now 'ere's muvver goin' crook ...

ISBN: 9781922079831
Publication Date: 21-Nov-2012
Publisher: Text Publishing Company