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Sam Elkin (Editor); Yves Rees (Editor); Tiffany Jones (Editor)

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In this midyear 2021 edition of Bent Street, guest editors Sam Elkin and Yves Rees from the Spilling the T Collective bring a special trans and gender diverse community focus: essays, poetry, polemic, memoir, fiction, and imagery that explores and celebrates gender diversity. In this edition, trans creatives bring an acute understanding of how embodied subjects construct and perform gendered selves - an understanding that though sometimes borne of pain and trauma, and sometimes met in joyful euphoria - creates memorable art ... foregrounding nuances often eluding the cis gaze. A distinctive trans lens dissecting how gender works - for all people, cis and trans - shines through in this special issue.

ISBN: 9780645193510
Publication Date: 14-Jun-2021
Publisher: Clouds of Magellan