So Light on Her Feet

Philip Vanderzeil

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So Light on Her Feet is a cookbook, a family heirloom, a story about Lorna Rita Adeline Vanderzeil and her life as part of Dutch Burgher culture in Ceylon, which is now known as Sri Lanka. 

This book written by her eldest son Philip aims to preserve her extraordinary knowledge and skill as an accomplished cook and it sets down her remarkable ability to entertain, care and celebrate life in the Dutch Burgher way. 

So Light on Her Feet is a window into a family’s life in Ceylon, a life that many of the younger generation growing up outside Ceylon will not have known or enjoyed. 

This book then is to assist generations to come to understand their Dutch Burgher heritage in Sri Lanka and Australia. In telling Lorna’s life story and family history the book unfolds by the decade – with stories, family photos and a banquet for each decade giving recipes for her most served and loved dishes. Eight banquets of Lorna’s dishes are set out in this family cookbook.

Philip Vanderzeil was born in Colombo in 1953 and left a troubled Sri Lanka as a seventeen-year old with his family in 1970. They settled in Melbourne becoming part of the tight-knit community of Dutch Sri Lankans. Every birthday, Xmas and Easter, weddings and christenings were the excuse for a big gathering of friends and extended family. After Philip escaped this pretty intense family life for a few decades, he has turned his hand to capturing his mother’s story and cooking secrets.

ISBN: 2770010036563
Publication Date: 02-Dec-2019