Smith Journal #33


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“Why would I want to do that?” we hear you ask. Well, perhaps you’d like to get some life advice from British documentarian Louis Theroux, who spoke with us about life and death and the importance of staying nervous. Or maybe you want to read about the science fiction authors who’ve joined forces with the army to imagine the wars of the future. It’s also possible you'd enjoy learning about Australia’s greatest unsolved art heist. Would you like to meet the women fighting ISIS and patriarchy in Kurdistan? Because you totally can. Or maybe, just maybe, you want to learn about the strangely capitalist history of the tooth fairy, before pondering the existence of aliens in a deafeningly quiet universe.

Not for us to say, really. But all of the above is certainly contained within volume 33’s 120 nicely printed pages, along with loads more science, history, design and adventure.  

ISBN: 2770010036662