Setting Boundaries

Rebecca Ray

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In the face of ever-increasing professional and personal demands, we risk using our energy in ways that don't serve who we want to be. Many of us, raised to be people pleasers, find ourselves giving in to draining colleagues, friends, partners and relatives. We sabotage our Inner Leader and fail to trust our instincts.Dr Rebecca Ray, Australian clinical psychologist and author, shows how boundaries are the key to many of the emotional and practical difficulties we encounter in daily life. In Setting Boundaries, Dr Ray shares science-based advice and tools to help us:- Identify our boundaries and when they have been crossed.- Recognise the patterns and habits that have failed to support us to feel empowered.- Engage in difficult conversations from a place of strength and self-kindness.

ISBN: 9781760982423
Publication Date: 29-Jun-2021
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia Pty, Limited