Sarah Edmondson; Kristine Gasbarre

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The shocking and subversive memoir of a 12-year-NXIVM-member-turned-whistleblower, and her inspiring true story of abuse, escape, and redemption.

"Master, would you brand me? It would be an honor."

Scarredfollows actress Sarah Edmondson's account of her recruitment into the NXIVM cult founded by Keith Raniere and the 12 years she spent within the organization, during which she enrolled over 2,000 members.This book also chronicles her breaking point and her harrowing fight to get out, help others, and heal.

* Sarah Edmondson is a Canadian actress and playwright who has starred in the CBS series Salvation and more than 12 films for the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime.
* Complete with personal photographs, this tell-all follows Sarah from the moment she takes her first NXIVM seminar, to the invitation she accepts from her best friend, Lauren Salzman, into DOS--a "secret sisterhood" within the cult--to her journey toward becoming a key witness in the federal case against its founders.
* Readers will learn how cults like NXIVM get started, why people get involved (and stay), and the importance of whistleblowers who bring light to illegal and unethical practices.

Scarredisn't just about NXIVM. It is also a story about abuses of power, the role female friendships play in cults, and how sometimes the search to be "better" can override everything else.In the constant search for self-improvement, how much do you trust the message and messenger?

* A thrilling read for fans of true crime and cults, as well as listeners of podcasts like My Favorite Murderand Up and Vanished
* Evokes questions about friendship, ethics, good and evil, making it a perfect selection for book clubs.
* Great for fans of Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientologyby Leah Remini, Escapeby Carolyn Jessop, Beyond Beliefby Jenna Miscavige Hill, and Bad Bloodby John Carreyrou

ISBN: 9781797202396
Publication Date: 17-Sep-2019
Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC