Say Hello

Carly Findlay

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A forthright, honest and rousingly brave memoir from a woman who has to live with a highly visible different appearancedue to a rare skin condition. What shehas to live with, and what she confronts on a day to day basis will have youcheering for her and her courage. Sayhello to Carly. 'In fairytales,the characters who look different are often castas the villain or monsters. It's only when they shed their unconventional skinthat they are seen as "good" or less frightening. There are very fewstories where the character that looks different is the hero of the story ... I've been the hero of mystory - telling it on my own terms, proud about my facial difference anddisability, not wanting a cure for my rare, severe and sometimes confrontingskin condition, and knowing that I am beautiful even though I don't have beautyprivilege.' This bold, brave and moving memoir by award winning writer and appearance activist Carly Findlay will challenge all your assumptions and beliefs about what it is like to have a visibly different appearance. Carly's memoir is about living with a rare skin condition, Ichthyosis. Hers is both a memoir and manifesto on disability and appearance diversity issues.

ISBN: 9781460755037
Publication Date: 29-Jan-2019
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Australia