Sabri Louatah

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It's the day of the presidential elections and all of France is in a state of shock: the first Arab candidate, who was projected to win, has just been shot. The sprawling Nerrouche family is devastated to discover that one of their own is the prime suspect in the shooting. It turns out that Nazir, a shadowy but compelling figure, has links to Islamist extremists. In the aftermath of the assassination attempt, the police and prosecution unravel, creating a vacuum in which old alliances shatter and new, more ominous ones emerge. As riots break out, prosecutors and detectives descend upon the Nerrouches, turning them into a convenient political scapegoat for the country's elite. It falls to the family's favourite son Fouad, Nazir's brother and apparent opposite, to clear his family's name. But an enigma hangs over the affair: what if the whole assassination attempt and manhunt was in fact a far-reaching, clandestine plot intended to alter the course of history?

ISBN: 9781472153692
Publication Date: 20-Jul-2015
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group Limited