Rumpole of the Bailey

John Mortimer

$19.99 Paperback
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New to Penguin Modern Classics, the very first selection of stories featuring the irrepressible Rumpole.

Horace Rumpole, the old boy committed to defending the apparently indefensible, trusting of a jury, scornful of the law's pomposities, appears here in a new edition of the 1978 iconic Rumpole debut.

This volume collects the much-loved stories 'Rumpole and the Younger Generation', 'Rumpole and the Alternative Society', 'Rumpole and the Honourable Member', 'Rumpole and the Married Lady', 'Rumpole and the Learned Friends' and 'Rumpole and the Heavy Brigade'.

ISBN: 9780241398883
Publication Date: 04-Apr-2019
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited