Root, Nurture, Grow

Rose Ray; Caro Langton; Erika Raxworthy (Photographer)

$29.99 Hardback
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You've created your own house of plants, so what's next? The authors of House of Plants follow up their successful debut book with Root, Nurture, Grow - a practical and detailed guide to propagating and sharing indoor plants.

The stylish handbook shows you how to make the most of your favorite houseplants through simple, beginner-friendly propagation techniques (such as stem cutting, rooting in water, runners, offsets, grafting, division and more), as well as resourceful DIY projects including homemade rooting mediums, seed-bombs, and a self-watering plant pot.

It shows you how to look after and nurture your new plant babies, and how to share them with friends by making beautiful gifts and displays.

ISBN: 9781787132184
Publication Date: 16-Oct-2018
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing, Limited