Risk Dollarisation : Reduced Damage Cost = Increased Profits

Hamilton JL

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Risk Dollarisation® is an invaluable tool to understanding The Financial Approach to Non-Financial Risk.

Multimillion-dollar companies around the world are losing millions and they don’t even know it. In the past, Non-Financial Risk (safety) has been approached from a sociological and psychological perspective. Risk Dollarisation® presents The Financial Approach to Non-Financial Risk. This is a quantitative, factual and measurable account of your business's Damage Costs. This book explores: 

* What you haven’t been told about your business risk portfolio; 
* What they don’t assess in merger and acquisitions reviews;
* How you can reduce your Damage Costs and increase your profits; and
* The brand-new way to approach risk management

Jillian Hamilton also explores the implications of the changing way we work, including automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and the gig/informal economies, and how this will impact your risk management and bottom line. Risk Dollarisation® will assure the best outcome for your workforce and the fiscal health of your business.

ISBN: 9780648377399
Publication Date: 01-Sep-2018