RHS How to Garden the Low-carbon Way


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Packed with practical advice on what you can do in your garden to tackle climate change.

Is it okay to use potting compost? Which plants are best for absorbing pollution? What's the alternative to carbon-packed fertilizers? How can I cut out single-use plastics?

Aspects of gardening can actually be bad for the environment. But make a few changes and you can significantly reduce the carbon imprint of your outdoor space, and even use it to lessen the impact of your other activities.

How to Garden the Low-carbon Way offers clear, practical guidance on how and where to start. Packed with advice, backed by the latest scientific research, it helps you turn your outdoor space into a carbon-absorbing sink, explore the benefits of no-dig gardening, switch fences for hedges, coppice shrubs to support wildlife, learn to love weeds, and much more.

Printed locally in the most environmentally friendly way possible, as a 1-colour paperback on FSC paper, this is essential reading for everyone who has a garden and wants to do what they can to protect our planet.

ISBN: 9780241472972
Publication Date: 04-Mar-2021
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Incorporated