The Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook

Fuchsia Dunlop

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"As Tuscany is to Italy, so Hunan is to China, with its tradition of hearty peasant cooking, warmth and hospitality, and the vibrancy of its people and landscapes. This meticulously researched book, based on the author s first-hand travels in China, presents 150 quick, easy recipes from southern central China, an area renowned for its bold and colourful cooking and the birthplace of China s modern emperor Chairman Mao. unan is a region of hot and spicy flavours the red chilli is king but also of soothing stews, delicate vegetable dishes, luscious smoked meats and light, refreshing stir-fries. Traditional Hunanese dishes range from easy starters and steamed dishes, including Fresh peas with slivers of ginger, through the clean tastes and textures of Bamboo shoot stir-fry, to a Hunanese staple the classic hotpot as well as rich, tender braised dishes such as Chairman Mao s red-braised pork. Sumptuous fish and meat dishes are balanced by a wealth of spicy soups and aromatic salads, like cool coriander salad with a hot-and-sour dressing, delicious noodles, succulent sweets, and preserves and relishes, along with festival dishes that reflect the grandness of Hunan s banquet cu

ISBN: 9780091904838
Publication Date: 03-Aug-2006
Publisher: Penguin Random House