Religion for Atheists

Alain de Botton

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All of us, whether religious, agnostic or atheist, are searching for meaning. And in this wise and life-affirming book, non-believer Alain de Botton both rejects the supernatural claims of religion and points out just how many good ideas they sometimes have about how we should live. And he suggests that non-believers can learn and steal from them. Picking and choosing from the thousands of years of advice assembled by the world's great religions to get practical insights on art, community, love, friendship, work, life and death, Alain de Botton shows us a range of fascinating ideas on a range of topics, including relationships, work, culture, love and death - and that could be of use to all of us, irrespective of whether we do or don't believe. 'A serious and optimistic set of practical ideas that could improve and alter the way we live.' Jeanette Winterson, The Times 'I find de Botton's curiosity and enthusiasm addictive and I admire his almost childlike readiness to see the world through fresh eyes. There isn't a page in this book that doesn't contain a striking idea or a stimulating parallel.' Mail on Sunday 'Packed with tantalizing goads to thought and playful prompts to action.' Independent 'Smart, stimulating, sensitive. A timely and perceptive appreciation of how much wisdom is embodied in religious traditions and how we godless moderns might learn from it.' Financial Times 'Beautifully written . . . de Botton is enjoying himself here, and we should take him in good humour.' Evening Standard 'Surprisingly illuminating.' Church Times

ISBN: 9780141046310
Publication Date: 07-Feb-2013
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited