Red Birds

Mohammed Hanif

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A GUARDIAN BOOK OF THE YEAR'A thrilling, razor-sharp critique of US foreign policy ... Red Birds is an incisive, unsparing critique of war and of America's role in the destruction of the Middle East. It combines modern and ancient farcical traditions in thrilling way' GuardianA savage, irreverent satire telling important truths about the absurdity of war and the impossibility of peace. An American pilot crash lands in the desert and takes refuge in the very camp he was supposed to bomb. Hallucinating palm trees and worrying about dehydrating to death isn't what Major Ellie expected from this mission. Still, it's an improvement on the constant squabbles with his wife back home. Things aren't much better for teenage Momo and his dog, both trapped in the camp. His money-making schemes are failing, his brother left for his first day at work and never returned, his parents are at each other's throats, and an aid worker has shown up wanting to research him for her book on the Teenage Muslim Mind.

ISBN: 9781408897195
Publication Date: 01-Nov-2018
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc