Real Communication

Gabrielle Dolan

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Effective communication through authentic leadership

A rapidly evolving workplace and disruptive technologies have created a growing demand for transparency and authenticity in communication from business leaders. Yet many decision-makers find themselves far behind the curve when it comes to understanding and meeting the evolving expectations of employees and customers.

Real Communication: How to Be You and Lead True reveals how to guide and communicate in a way that is authentic and will help business leaders truly connect and engage with their teams, customers, and coworkers.

- Communicate more effectively

- Improve employee engagement

- Manage organisational changes

- Help teams cope with change

When employees trust their leaders, businesses thrive. In Real Communication you will find everything you need to implement new strategies, instill core values, and cultivate engagement.

ISBN: 9780730369721
Publication Date: 22-Apr-2019
Publisher: John\\Wiley#& Sons, Incorporated