Reach Your Goals Without Stressing Out

Chantal Hofstee

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We all possess mental resources, but only a few of us use them to their full potential. Instead, we work hard rather than smart, procrastinating until stress forces us to work. These bad habits can drain our energy, blur our minds and disrupt our focus.

Mindfulness expert Chantal Hofstee shows you how to break that cycle. She shares her expertise, inspiration and techniques so you can achieve new personal insights and implement practical strategies for sustainable success. These methods teach you how to avoid productivity potholes, like achieving success in one area but simultaneously crashing and burning in others, or misunderstanding the brain- and psychological mechanisms that drive growth and improvement.

Learn instead to work with your brain's needs in mind. You can do it all without burning out if you know how your brain works and how to use it to its full potential every single day. By adopting Hofstee's 'stress-free productivity recipe' of clear goals, focus, energy, passion, perseverance and enjoyment, you will achieve progress and success that is sustainable and consistent because it gives rather than drains energy.

Packed full of insights into the brain, inspiration and practical techniques, Reach Your Goals Without Stressing Out takes the reader on a guided journey of self-discovery, leading to new personal insights. Engage your 'green brain' and find joy in your work

ISBN: 9781925335644
Publication Date: 01-May-2018
Publisher: Exisle Publishing Pty Limited