Raising a Mentally Fit Generation

Kari Sutton

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Do you ever worry about the escalating mental health crisis facing our kids today, and silently hope your child does not end up as part of those statistics?

Do you want to teach your kids the habits, skills and mindsets that lay the foundation for positive mental health and wellbeing?

Have you ever wished there was a way to build strong protective fences at the top of the cliff, so you don't have to be the ambulance picking up the pieces at the bottom?

The way to build these robust fences is by developing your children's mental fitness.

Just like we can help children develop their physical fitness, we can also help them build their mental fitness muscles. Raising a Mentally Fit Generation is backed by cutting-edge research and filled with commonsense tips, powerful strategies and practical tools that have worked with children of all ages. Inside you'll discover how to:

  • teach children optimism skills that can help combat depression
  • discover and nurture children's strengths and talents
  • raise kind, compassionate kids who have empathy for others
  • help kids understand the advantages of failing
  • plant the seeds of resilience in early childhood.

Every parent's deepest wish is for their child to be happy and have positive mental health and wellbeing. Raising a Mentally Fit Generation is an invaluable resource that parents and educators can use to prevent problems occurring rather than picking our children up after things have gone wrong.

ISBN: 9781922391339
Publication Date: 11-Sep-2020
Publisher: Publish Central