Pulped Fiction

Cassandra Atherton (Editor)

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Cri Fi, Sci Fi, Noir, Rom Com, Lit Fic, Western, Horror, Gothic, Fantasy, Fairytale... In Spineless Wonders' latest anthology of microlit, writers were invited to play with genre. Here you will find some of the well-worn tropes from literature and film reshaped and manipulated - all in less than half a page. The results are sometimes political, sometimes philosophical; but always playful, witty and stunningly written.

'This is a wonderfully evocative volume, and by playing with genre, it encourages us to think about how the expectations we've learned from it shape the way we think and narrativise our own lives: You phone to say there's a man following far too close and you can't tell if it's thriller, romance or porn, writes Jen Webb in 'Earth Enraged by New Humans'. Genres are imbued with deep strata of meaning and feeling. In Pulped Fictions, readers may enjoy excavating some of them.' from Preface by Jodi McAlister, 2021

Edited by Cassandra Atherton, the anthology includes pieces by commissioned well-known writers including the award-winning joanne burns as well as new voices unearthed through the national Microlit Award named in her honour.

ISBN: 9781925052602
Publication Date: 08-Mar-2021
Publisher: Spineless Wonders