Psychology for Dummies

Adam Cash

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Learn about:

  • The evolution of modern psychology
  • The major schools of thought and how they differ
  • The ways in which humans think, learn and feel
  • The application of psychology in everyday life

From Freud to forensics, take a fascinating journey of discovery through the science of psychology

What made you pick up this book? Was it curiosity about the subject matter? Or did you want to get a better look at that attractive sales clerk? If it was curiosity, what parts of your brain lit up when you spotted the title? Do you find these questions: a) disturbing, b) embarrassing, c) intriguing, d) scary, or e) mildly amusing? Why? Psychologists have been asking questions like these for over a century now. In this book Dr Adam Cash cuts through the scientific jargon and, using plenty of everyday examples, explains what psychology is all about and what it can tell us about ourselves.

  • Do what you're doing, only better - find out why we're all amateur psychologists and how the application of the scientific method has revolutionised our understanding of human behavior
  • Meet the machine - explore the biological side of psychology, including a tour of the nervous system and brain, and the faculties that keep us connected to the world around us
  • Be aware of being aware - learn about the key concepts of conscious awareness and awareness of self, and the complex interplay of emotion, thought and motivation

Open the book and find:

  • The role of the body, the mind, relationships and culture in human psychology
  • Explanations of consciousness, awareness and consciousness of self
  • Clear definitions of instincts, feelings and emotions and where they come from
  • Developmental psychology and how people learn
  • The role of gender in psychology

ISBN: 9781119700296
Publication Date: 04-Sep-2020
Publisher: John\\Wiley#& Sons, Incorporated