Princesses and Pornstars

Emily Maguire

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A whole new feminism?What's it like being a young woman today? Feminists won the equal rights war back in the 70s, and young women today have it so much easier than their mothers, right? Wrong, argues Emily Maguire.Society today is most comfortable to categorise women as Princesses (in need of protection) or Pornstars (peoples whose major duty is to be attractive and turn on men). This sharp, funny and insightful book reveals how the treatment of young women as fragile or in need of male assistance can be as objectifying and damaging to women as pornography and raunchy culture.Maguire wants us to see men and women for their character first, rather than their sex and gender attributes. If they wash dishes, have children or wear make-up it should be because they want to not because society expects them to. Equally they should not be judged if they choose to engage in casual sex, pursue a fulfilling career or decide not to have children.A mix of personal story, reportage, analysis and polemic, written in a bold, intimate style, containing interviews with porn aficionados, young brides and 'homemakers' Princesses and Pornstarsis a gripping and essential snapshot of where female sexuality is today.

ISBN: 9781921351310
Publication Date: 03-Mar-2008
Publisher: Text Publishing Company