Bradley Trevor Greive; Mitsuaki Iwago (Photographer)

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Most people know of numerous exotic animals, from dinosaurs to dodoes, that no longer exist. But international bestselling author Bradley Trevor Greive would like everyone to discover the extraordinary creatures that can still be saved from extinction uaand then to do something about it. With a simple, poetic narrative that is inspiring and at times even amusing, accompanied by stunning photographs, BTG and renowned wildlife photographer Mitsuaki Iwago showcase the earth's magnificent and diverse animal inventory. They highlight species that once were plentiful, but now are scarce uasome that are tragically close to extinction uaand point out the specific dangers these animals face and the fate we all share with them. PRICELESS is a must-have book for animal lovers and fans of Bradley Trevor Greive, along with everyone interested in premium wildlife photography, the environment, biodiversity and indeed, all life on earth. THE TARONGA FOUNDATION BTG loves animals and proudly supports the Taronga Foundation. The Blue Day Book recently became the proud Zoo Parent to the endangered Green and Gold Bell Frog to commemorate sales of over 500,000 copies in Australia, and three million world-wide. To find out how you too can easily make a difference by becoming a Zoo Parent or by making a donation towards vitally important research and breeding programmes, visit the Taronga Foundation website:

ISBN: 9781740511780
Publication Date: 01-Oct-2002
Publisher: Random House Australia