The Practical Guide to Knots and Knot Tying

Geoffrey Budworth

$39.95 Hardback
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Knots have been around for thousands of years - even Neolithic man tied the reef knot, clove hitch and running noose. There are several thousand knots in existence and an almost infinite number of variations. This reference manual and practical handbook presents over 200 of the most essential knots. All the key knot types are covered, including bends, hitches, bindings, loops, mats, plaits, rings and slings. You will find familiar knots, such as the simple overhand or thumb knot, and more challenging knots such as the seizing bend, boom hitch, Chinese button knot and variations of the square Turk's head. Each set of instructions is accompanied by photographs taking you through every step of tying the knot. Includes a clear guide to the variety of cords and ropes; their breaking strengths, construction and application. Each one is clearly identified by its category of use: angling and fishing; boating and sailing; caving and climbing; and general purpose and outdoor pursuits, with easy-reference symbols denoting each knot's use at the top of each page. Whether you are an eager beginner or a lifelong devotee of knot-tying, this will prove an absorbing and indispensable guide.

ISBN: 9780754833611
Publication Date: 03-Mar-2020
Publisher: Anness Publishing