Poetic Justice

André Dao (Editor); Justin Randle (Contribution by); Tilman Ruff (Contribution by); Chloe Potvin (Contribution by); Sienna Merope (Contribution by); Mohamad Tabbaa (Contribution by); Laura O'Neill (Contribution by); Jacinda Woodhead (Contribution by); Kate Larsen (Contribution by); Fiona Tuomy (Contribution by); Jacky T (Contribution by); Christos Tsiolkas (Contribution by); Lia Incognita (Contribution by); Luka Lesson (Contribution by); Amanda Anastasi (Contribution by); Ali Alizadeh (Contribution by); Maxine Beneba-Clarke (Contribution by); Andy Jackson (Contribution by); Robert Verdon (Contribution by); Jake Dennis (Contribution by); Shahin Shafaei (Contribution by); Lee Grant (Contribution by); Rosalina Press (Editor); Sadami Konchi (Contribution by); Jessie Boylan (Contribution by); Reko Rennie (Contribution by); Fatima Killeen (Contribution by); Pat Grant (Contribution by); Malcolm Fraser (Contribution by); Joo-Cheong Tham (Contribution by); Hilary Charlesworth (Contribution by); Paddy Coleridge (Contribution by); John Alizzi (Contribution by); Gideon Cordover (Contribution by); Tony Birch (Contribution by); Ellena Savage (Contribution by); Anne Manne (Contribution by); Michael Green (Contribution by); Filipa Bellette (Contribution by); Rose Hartley (Contribution by); Sam Wilson (Contribution by); Jenny Grigg (Designed by); Benjamin Solah (Editor); Cameron Midson (Designed by); Julian Burnside (Contribution by); Laura Jones (Editor); Erin Hadley (Assisted by); Kate McKenzie (Assisted by); Simon Collinson (Software by); James Petty (Contribution by); Bryan Keon-Cohen (Contribution by); Dana Affleck (Contribution by); Asher Hirsch (Contribution by)

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POETIC JUSTICE: CONTEMPORARY AUSTRALIAN VOICES ON EQUALITY AND HUMAN RIGHTS is an anthology of the best human rights writing and art from the Right Now online magazine. POETIC JUSTICE is a collection of essays, fiction, poetry and visual art about human rights issues in Australia. From asylum seekers to Indigenous land rights; from the surveillance state to police racism, this anthology chronicles contemporary Australian debates about social justice. Each of the works is an exercise in compassion as Poetic Justice seeks to recover the humanity too often lost in our discussions of human rights. Featuring work by Malcolm Fraser, Julian Burnside, Anne Manne, Tony Birch, Pat Grant and a foreword by Christos Tsiolkas. The anthology is designed by Jenny Grigg.

ISBN: 9780992496005
Publication Date: 28-May-2014
Publisher: Right Now