Play Time

John Darling

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Rob Streeton, star of the hit kid's TV show, Play Time, realised he'd made mistakes that night. Drinking all night with his infantile brother - mistake #1. A lap dance with a stripper - mistake #2. Not realising his life would change forever - the biggest mistake of them all. Now there are photos of Rob with a gorgeous stripper, Mirabelle, and a mysterious blackmail attempt. The race is on to save his career, resurrect his failing marriage, and attend to his terminally ill mum. Intriguing and absorbing, Play Time, is a heart-warmingly amusing tale of love and life - and the not-so-innocent world of kid's television. Playing with toys wasn't supposed to be this hard.

ISBN: 9781981284436
Publication Date: 19-Dec-2017
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform