The Pilgrimage

Sean Doherty

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Surfing is an obsession, and many a surfer has thrown away life-as-he-once-knew-it for a single wave.

In The Pilgrimagesome of the world's top surf writers pay tribute to 50 of the world's best waves - the breaks which have become so much part of surfing folklore that they've developed a life force of their own.

This book is sure to become a classic.
The text creates a great sense of place, and there's practical information on getting to (nearly) every break, the best time to go, what to take, where to stay, and what to look out for.

The Pilgrimageis the perfect read for anyone who has ever caught, or tried to catch, a wave, from grommets to geriatrics.

Destinations include

  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Indonesia and southern Asia
  • the north and south Pacific
  • Africa and the Indian Ocean
  • Europe and Great Britain
  • North and South America.

ISBN: 9780670070855
Publication Date: 29-Oct-2007
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited