Picturing Intimacy

Stephen Hobson (Editor)

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Emotions are difficult. They are unseen, have loose boundaries and reveal aspects of our characters that we may want to share, or may not. No emotion is more elusive, more unseen, more feared, and more desired than intimacy. By comparison, love, hate, jealousy and anger have recognisable features, almost characters of their own, and therefore we can know them, whereas intimacy is elusive and hides from direct view. We can learn this as children and spend the rest of our lives adjusting ourselves to locating the place where intimacy exists for us. Stephen Hobson argues "we are often vague about intimacy because intimacy is seen vaguely in our minds."Picturing Intimacy is about what we know is there but cannot see. It is also about what is not there within our daily lives, and what we seek to feel. It is about nurturing intimacy, but not in a formulaic self-help way. Hobson's small book of photographs and essays sets out to introduce us to intimacy in an unusual way. His sequences of photographs are intimate 'mud maps' of his personal relationships and the domestic surroundings in which they occurred over many decades. He shows us visually in his photographs that intimacy has psychologically dark and light aspects, and explains in the essays how this works.Beyond these written explanations and visual journeys the book itself is an intimate object. It withholds and shares its secrets. It sets boundaries, reveals openings and ways into the author's world, while requiring an equal engagement and connection from the reader. The book ultimately challenges us to make our own intimate mud maps, by whatever means is particularly and rightfully ours. In doing so we may see the intimacy of our own lives and of those close to us.This is a book for anyone that wants a non-prescriptive thoughtful insight into intimacy.

ISBN: 9780646815930
Publication Date: 03-Apr-2020
Publisher: Rabbitprintz Publishing