The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde; Irvine Welsh (Introduction by)

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Dorian Gray, a young man of unique beauty, enchanted by himself, has a portrait made by a painter. Obsessed by the fear of growing old, he obtains with the help of a spell that every sign that time should leave on his face, appears only on the portrait and he remains of his beauty. Greedy for pleasure, he indulges in the most unrestrained life, keeping the youth and perfection of his face unchanged. When Hallward, the painter who portrayed him, reproaches him with such shame, he kills him. He hides the painting even from himself as much as it causes horror. At this point the portrait becomes an indictment of Dorian and in a fit of despair he tries to stab it. But he's the one who falls dead: the portrait once again depicts the beautiful and pure young man of the past and on the ground lies an old man marked by the vice of a life of excesses.In short... a classic masterpiece brought "back to life" by GCM PUBLISHING, a publishing house that aims to modernize the most famous works of literature with covers, descriptions and formatting optimized and suitable for any type of audience with the aim of spreading a habit that is slowly disappearing: reading.What are you waiting for?GET THIS BOOK NOW AND IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE MIND OF THE MYSTERIOUS DORIAN GRAY!

ISBN: 9780099511144
Publication Date: 02-Aug-2007
Publisher: Penguin Random House