Peppermint #45


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Need some inspiration and positivity in your life? Our brand-new Autumn Issue 45 is here to help!

We speak to our coverstar, broadcaster, actor and author Faustina Agolley (painted by Sydney-based artist Kim Leutwyler for a portrait included as a finalist in the 2019 Archibald Prize), about identity, sexuality and belonging; hear from three Australian organisations working to help make refugees and asylum seekers feel welcome; meet the grandmothers snorkelling to help protect venomous sea snakes; talk circular fashion with Courtney Holm, founder of ethical label A.BCH; delve into the labour issues behind the production of the ubiquitous cashew nut; and explore how getting in touch with our emotions can help us save the planet. 

ISBN: 2770010037720
Publication Date: 28-Feb-2020