Parting Words

Cass Moriarty

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Daniel Whittaker has left some unusual instructions in his will: in order for his three children to get their share of the inheritance, they must hand-deliver twelve letters he has left with his lawyer. What significance did these strangers have to their father? 
Kelly, the youngest of the three, is intrigued by what they might learn about Daniel. For Richard, however, the exercise seems futile, especially when he has his own secrets to hide. And Evonne is still nursing her grief over her parents' attitude to her sexuality.
As Daniel's children carry out his last wishes, each of them must confront their long-held images of their father, and reconsider their relationship with him. What they discover about his legacy will change their lives. 

ISBN: 9780702259531
Publication Date: 01-Dec-2017
Publisher: University of Queensland Press