The Paris Effect

Pip Drysdale

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She thinks love can kill you. It turns out she might be right.

Meet Harper Brown ... 

Occupation: Arts journalist
Dream job: Hard-hitting news reporter
Location: Paris
Loves: True crime podcasts, art galleries, coffee, whiskey
Does not love: fake people, toxic positivity, being told how to live her life by smug workmates who have no life (that's you, Stan), her narcissistic ex
Favourite book: 1984
Favourite artist: Noah X. Sometimes.
Favourite painting: Klimt's Schubert at the Piano
Special skills: breaking out of car boots, picking locks and escaping relationships.
Superpower: She can lose any guy in three minutes flat. Ask her how.
Secret: She's hot on the trail of a murderer - and the scoop of a lifetime.

That's if the killer doesn't catch her first.

ISBN: 9781760854324
Publication Date: 03-Feb-2021
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia