Paperwork Is Not Your Problem

Helen Joy Butler

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Are you at the beck and call of your family, wondering if your to-do list will ever end?Do you feel like you continually put yourself last, while doing everything for the other people in your life?Is it time to stop feeling guilty and start to get organised in a way that honours who you truly are? That allows you to follow your intuition and live the life you want?In Paperwork Is Not Your Problem Australian Intuitive Professional Organiser Helen Joy Butler helps you realise the chaos in your life - whether it's paperwork, unhelpful children or partner, an overstuffed schedule or organising systems that simply don't work for you - is just a symptom of the real problem.Written with awareness and empathy, Paperwork Is Not Your Problem helps you unlock the lessons within the chaos and guides you through a practical process to make real lasting change in your life.Drawing on over 25 years experience as a teacher and Intuitive Professional Organiser working with busy Mums in their homes, Helen provides revolutionary, practical and enlightening insights on how to move from BUSY to Balanced with long lasting effects.Paperwork Is Not Your Problem teaches you how to:* Be organised in your home without colour coding your underwear drawer* Create your own personal sanctuary that truly supports and nourishes you and your family * Connect with what it is you truly want from your life, to live authentically and in flow, through a practical and intuitive processIt's your life and your choice - and the reason why Paperwork Is Not Your Problem.

ISBN: 9780994488930
Publication Date: 23-Feb-2016
Publisher: Helen Joy Butler