Our Inside Voices

Gardam Caroline

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The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest story of 2020, causing severe and sudden changes that many people could never have imagined. Our Inside Voicesis a collection of creative writing that looks beyond quick journalism or abstract statistics to offer deeper reflection on the cultural and social dimensions of the pandemic.

Published (July 2020) by AndAlso Books & Paradigm Print Media.

Featuring essays, memoirs, poems, and short stories by more than fifty writers, including Andrea Baldwin, Nick Earls, Raymond Evans, Pat Hoffie, Angelina Hurley, Toni Risson, Murad Talukdar, Warren Ward, Samuel Wagan Watson & Jessica White.

Edited by Caroline Gardam, Louise Martin-Chew, Edwina Shaw & Nathan Shepherdson.

ISBN: 9780648068785
Publication Date: 17-Jul-2020
Publisher: AndAlso Books